Online Dating After Divorce

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If you find yourself in the same situation as roughly 50% of America at some stage in your life you may have thought of using online dating to get back into the dating scene.

Divorce happens; it’s tough on the both of you and even harder on the kids. Hopefully by now you have accepted what happened and are now ready to reintroduce yourself into the dating scene.

You will have likely been distanced from dating as a result of marriage so online dating might seem rather foreign to you.

This is fine

Most people are certainly not pro’s at online dating so don’t feel like you’re going into this cold.

Online dating after divorce

A few things to keep in mind when you are heading into online dating after divorce:

If something seems too good to be true it probably is!

An example of this would be free online dating sites. Sadly because they are free they attract lower quality singles. Of course this is arguable but if you want to play it safe and ensure the people you are talking to are who they say they are then invest a few dollars and stick to the top 5 sites.

Ask for a recent profile picture: Especially on the free sites: Sadly many pictures online are either fake or old. Ask for a recent picture and if they react negatively or say no you have saved yourself a lot of time in meeting themselves.
If you think asking for a recent picture is rude then organise a video chat with the member. This is the best way to see who they really are before meeting them for the first time.

This way you can video chat with 5-10 potential matches easily from home and choose to meet REAL people in person.

Protecting yourself from future damage when you are dating after a divorce is very important, screening online matches ensures you are not disappointed with the results.

Keep your life story to yourself

Singles are not interested in your past divorce – they are interested in whether there is a future relationship between you.
So go into online dating after divorce only once you have fully recovered from the past relationship. If you still have feelings for your old partner it’s going to be tough to accept knew love.

Dating After Divorce - Expectations

Don’t place all of your hopes on finding someone online. Keep your expectations of compatibility low at the start. Becoming disappointed with your online dating experience could affect your offline dating efforts negatively.

Decide whether you want to divulge full personal information or use a avatar name and email using gmail or ymail.

Go about online dating from a causal friendly angle rather than serious “all in” mindset.

Don’t fall for the first person you meet and think that you’re in love with an online profile. If you haven’t seen them in person keep your guard up and play it slow.

Protect your emotions after a divorce. This fast online rebound style dating will end up in tears!

Not everything you hear online is true – especially from online dating profiles – be honest when filling yours out but don’t go sending out your home address in chat forums!

Ensure you leave a period of grieving and loss after your divorce. Only re-enter the dating scene once you are fully recovered and ready to love again.

Anger, Loss and Sadness are natural emotions after divorce... But you do not want to use dating as a vehicle to offload this negative emotion.

Divorce put an end to a certain part of your life but by looking at it in a positive light you can move forward with confidence. This divorce could either destroy you for years to come or be the best thing that’s ever happened to you. It’s all up to how you want to deal with the emotion and how you move on once you have dealt with the negativity.

Using online dating to find new dates after divorce is a great idea if:

You keep positive

Take it slow (Ensure you have fully moved on)

Keep your expectations low

Use paid dating sites

Double check who it is you are talking to

Finally listen to your instincts and take online dating slow after a divorce. If you are feeling a bit fragile perhaps leave online dating alone for a few months. Love can wait – your emotional health is the most important thing at stake here.